Monday, June 3, 2013

Prayers needed

I know I haven't blogged in ages but I have a big prayer request.

Last Thursday night, Keith called and wondered where my parents were because he was picking up the trailer from their house to borrow over the weekend and both their vehicles weren't home.  He said that they weren't at my grandma's house so we were both a little concerned.  About 15 minutes after I spoke with Keith, my Mom sent me a text message wanting to know if we were home and that her and my Dad were coming over in about 20 minutes.  So I tried to call her and she didn't answer the phone and I was freaking out, texting her telling her to call me, etc. and she just said "we'll see you in a bit".  So, I speed cleaned my house (my Mom is a total clean freak) and when they pulled up, I said "what's going on" and we just came inside.  My Dad proceeded to tell me that he had gone to the eye doctor and they found a tumor behind his eye and was then referred that day to a doctor in Tallahassee.  (Same office Keith used when he had all his eye surgeries for his detached retina)

My Dad has what is called "ocular melanoma" and has a small tumor behind his eye.  The doctor felt like because the tumor is small, they caught it in time but he has to make sure the cancer hasn't spread.  They can't surgically remove the tumor because of the close proximity to the optic nerve so the game plan is this.  If the lab work and CT scan show that the cancer hasn't spread, then they will insert a plate behind his eye that contains radiation pellets to shrink the tumor.  It will be there for a week and then will be removed.  I'm praying the cancer hasn't spread and it can be treated with the radiation pellets.  He had the lab work done on Friday and should be having the CT scan any minute.

It completely took us off guard.  He went in for a regular appointment and then finds this out.  I'm SO thankful my Dad is the type of man that doesn't put appointments or doctors off.  My Dad is the strongest man I know so it's hard knowing something is wrong and there's nothing physically I can do to help.  I 100% believe in the power of prayer and am asking you all to say a prayer for my family.

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  1. Oh my Amanda! I'm so sorry, this news stinks. I will certainly be thinking of you.