Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in review (and a photo dump!)

Wow, where has this year gone?!?!?! (oh, and HI again!!!) I mean seriously....I feel like my life has been in warp speed since Miss Annalise joined our family. It's hard to believe that she is almost NINE months old and Preslei will be FIVE in March. Ay yi yi.  I thought that since I haven't blogged in ages that I'd just make this blog a big ol' photo dump as well.

Important dates in 2012 are:

February 11th (weekend)- Went to the beach as a last "family of 3" vacation
February 18th- Preslei's first "Father/Daughter" dance
February 25th- My sweet nephew Caden turned 3
March 17th- Preslei turned 4
April 5th- Annalise was born
April 8th- Held Annalise for the first time (on Easter)
April 14th- Annalise comes home from the hospital
June 16th- My best friend, Ashley became a "Mrs."
July 24th- Annalise had her first real "road trip". I took the girls to Zoo Atlanta with a good friend of mine and her stepdaughter. Needless to say, Annalise was NOT a happy camper.
August 10th- Preslei started Pre-K at CFUMC (her last year at CFUMC :( )
August 15th- Preslei started gymnastics!!!
September 23rd- Annalise got her ears pierced
October 5th- Annalise is SIX months old
October 25th- Annalise FINALLY ate out of a spoon for me (I didn't think that day would ever come!)
October 27th- My good friend Caly became a "Mrs."
October 28th- We (as a family) got baptized and became members of Cairo First United Methodist Church
November 17th- My best friend, Brian turned 30!!!! Went to Atlanta to celebrate with him.
December 6th- Annual Cairo Christmas parade (Annalise's first time)
December 25th- Christmas!

Can't wait to see what's in store for 2013!!!!

Much love to you all!

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