Monday, October 8, 2012

To blog or not to blog

I have to admit, after I accidently deleted ALL my pictures from the very beginning of my blogging, I've contemplated even blogging anymore.  I mean, what's the point of even going back and reading my old posts if there are no pictures??? Plus, I'm not even blogging that much anymore.  I seriously give MAD props to these women like Emily, Robyn, Crissy, Kelly from Kelly's Korner and other Moms of 2 or more kids for maintaining their blog on a day to day basis.  Heck, I can barely post one blog every few weeks!!! I feel like when I was pregnant, keeping the pregnancy updates was something I HAD to do b/c it was a weekly update and I am a total slacker Mom and don't even keep up with the monthly updates for Annalise.

So basically, I think I've decided to not completely give up blogging but I don't think I'll feel bad about my lack of blogging.  I've been so sporadic lately with my posts so that's probably how it will be for a while.  I wish blogging was as easy to upload pictures to as Facebook is.  Although, I wonder if my phone has some sort of app I can download that I can send pictures straight to Blogger?? I need to check and see.

From now on, I will NOT be deleting any pictures from my phone because if I start uploading more pictures and they get deleted, I think I'll cry for a week!!!

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